Digital & Online Advertising

Digital Advertising provides highly targeted, qualified traffic that helps your business grow. With our experienced team, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

White International can develop your campaign from the ground up and work within your budget to achieve your results using platforms like Google AdWords, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and others.

According to your business targets and the markets, you want to reach for; whether it’s locally or internationally, targeted geographical online advertising can be a huge source of qualified traffic. Our expert team can help your company achieve its marketing results with ease.

Social Media Management

If you’re looking to increase awareness and engagements on your social network pages, entice new customers, Interact with existing ones, promote products and conduct competitions and simply don’t have the time to post online yourselves, our social media management team can help you have your voice heard online and reach thousands of potential customers.

Alongside creating content for your social media campaigns, our team at White International can also support with day-to-day Social Media Networks management, including:

  • Daily Postings
  • Content creation (Design & others)
  • Photography
  • Videography (Shooting & Editing)
  • Responding to followers queries
  • Interacting Live (Stories on Snapchat, Instagram and others)
  • Conducting competitions, and More

Our social media management package includes: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Video production

Online videos has become an important trend and factor to create awareness to the business or brand.

White International has created an in-house department in which our talented videographers, animators, editors and photographers can produce state of the art, creative video clips at extremely affordable rates, in order for clients to feel comfortable in producing regular periodical clips and have them posted in their websites and social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and others.

Our services includes:

  • On-Site shooting
  • Studio shooting
  • Animations
  • Voice overs
  • Graphic Videos
  • Editing
  • Design

Mobile Applications

Our team at White International includes experienced software and mobile application developers (Apple & Android), creative designers, and strategic marketers with extensive experience in Kuwait, Lebanon, and the region.

In our increasingly mobile-centric society, our innovative solutions will help your business and brands achieve maximum awareness, increase revenue, improve customer service, and develop powerful new mobile marketing strategies.

Website Design & Development

Consumers now turn to company websites as their primary source for information, product research, price comparison and purchasing simplicity, and businesses have been obligated to provide websites that meet the needs of the public; therefor, a Website is a fundamental part of a marketing strategy.

Web design is a highly respected technique for engaging the online audience; we at White International have the skills and experience required to design creative, user-friendly, and effective websites.

White International designs web solutions that deliver results and properly represent your brand or business.

Our team work closely with each client to ensure the best results, from consultation to implementation, White International’s web design professionals work together with the client to ensure specific needs are met and a tailored solution is delivered.

Web Copywriting

Professional web copywriting is an essential component of a successful Online Marketing campaign.

White International’s professional web copywriters can customize your website content, email marketing templates, auto replies, Google Ad-Words campaign and headlines. Incorporating SEO, keyword research, industry language and professional writing, White International aims to ensure your business and brands are exceptionally represented and communicated.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This highly specialized and technical field helps to improve a website’s ranking in specified search results. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, assists in the online marketing process by improving the website’s visibility in search engines and generate more quality, targeted traffic.

White International with its experienced team of specialists & developers will deliver tangible SEO results to your organization and brands and achieve successful results.

White International can create strategic solutions to your website to help you achieve traction in your market. White International will ensure your business ranks at the top of Google to drive quality search queries to your website and increase profitability.


Have a look at what else we offer


Email marketing is a professional method of communicating with customers, potential buyers and other stakeholders via the internet. Bulk recipients receive emails with your business news, Promotions, invitations, newsletters, mail-outs, and other significant business communications in an instant, saving time and money.

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective forms of online marketing, due to its low cost, speed of deliver, broad reach and ROI. Businesses use email marketing for current, old and potential customers in a bid to create additional awareness & increase sales.

With our database of 750,000 local active emails (and increasing), White International will surely deliver the targeted results and objectives.


Over the past few years SMS marketing has become a legitimate advertising channel in Kuwait and the region.

SMS Marketing is a cost-effective way to reach a wide audience or specific target market.

Whether it’s to your own list or to one we provide for you, the extensive use of mobile phones in Lebanon makes White International’s bulk SMS platforms an effective, and convenient way to reach consumers and potential customers for your marketing purposes.

At White International, we utilize all service providers at extremely competitive rates thus achieving the best results.


In a nutshell, e-Commerce is the content management website application that allows your customers to purchase your products or services online. Any website’s e-Commerce services need to provide customers with a well-rounded, personal, and smooth shopping experience.

Having a tailored made e-Commerce solution with White International, will ensure your online enterprise is just that.


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